School Building, Saint-Germain-en-Laye

A leader in building services has installed 310 Fast Trak and 900 QT Universal Clamp in a school building. The aim was to allow the suspension of steel pipes over an area of 5,000 m² on a concrete building. Thanks to the quick and easy
installation of the system, labour costs and installation time were halved.

“The Fast Trak product combined with QT Universal Clamp solution allowed to suspend steel pipes in fast and easy way. The installation is very neat, tidy and aesthetic. The delivery, identification and storage of the products on the pallet and on site were highly appreciated.” - Project Manager -
  • Building type: School Building
  • Place: Saint-Germain-en-Laye
  • Building structure: Concrete
  • Product suspended: Steel Pipes

The town of Saint-Germain-en-Laye has decided to renovate a school building. It is in a 5,000 m2 building, with a concrete structure, that steel pipes were installed.

To proceed to the installation, the company in charge of the pipes implementation in the building called on Gripple. Gripple is known by installer to be a expert in systems suspension. Gripple’s role was to find a solution that best suited to the piping elements to be suspended. As a result, Gripple came up with 2 combined solutions: a Fast Trak solution, associated with a QT Universal Clamp solution.

Fast Trak is pre-fabricated, trapeze bracket solution offering speed, flexibility and efficient use of space. Moreover, Fast Trak is a secure product because prefabricated system removes the need to cut threaded rod or channel on site. The Fast Trak is also a safe product with safety locks ensuring security once brackets &
tracks are in place. Again, this solution, combined with a QT Universal Clamp, providing a quick and easy
support of all types of pipework within mechanical and plumbing services.

The speed, flexibility and efficiency of these 2 solutions were particularly appreciated. Indeed, the Gripple
solutions not only halved installation time and labour costs, but also halved the space due to the storage of
materials, compared to traditional solution.

The installer saved two months of works, and was able to complete the installation with just two product
references. A traditional method would have required up to 6 product references, 4 months of work and twice the installation costs. With the Gripple method, the installer saved € 16,800 on installation.

The installer praised the innovative solutions. Gripple provided him with a complete and effective solution.


Tags: Building Services

  Gripple Solution Traditional Method
Overview 310 Fast Trak + 900 QT Universal Clamp + CRUFLEX Tracks, threaded rods, clamps, washers, nuts and insulating clamps
Material cost € 8,753 € 7,800
Installation time 480 hours 960 hours
Labour rate (per hour) € 35 € 35
Total labour cost € 16,800 € 33,600
Total cost € 25,550 € 41,400

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