Offices, ZAC Paris-Nord 2

Installation company has installed 400 Fast Trak units to hang cable baskets in an office building. Thanks to the product’s speed and ease of use, the working time to complete the installation was halved, when compared to traditional install methods.

“Fast Trak installation was clean and simple. We only needed to order two products, adjustment was easy and we didn’t require any tools!”
  • Building type: Office
  • Building structure: Concrete
  • Product suspended: Cable baskets

The German company, WAGO, manufactures components for electrical connections and electronic components for decentralized automation. WAGO has a subsidiary named WAGO Contact SAS and is the first subsidiary of the group implemented outside of Germany. The headquarter is localised in Paris Nord 2 and the 2000m2 building owns offices, production and logistic services. The building construction requires the intervention of Gripple in order to offer an innovative, easy and efficient method to hang cable baskets.

Gripple has been contacted to hang cable baskets in the WAGO building. The building structure is concrete and needs a clean and appropriate installation. But also an easy and efficient set up. In order to suspend the cable baskets, Gripple used its innovative suspension system: Fast Trak. Fast Trak is a pre-fabricated trapeze bracket solution. This solution can be used to install electrical containment, pipework, ductwork, and other mechanical services in restricted places. What makes Fast Trak innovative, is the tool free aspect. The Brackets can be moved up and down the tracks to accommodate changes during installation.

Gripple has installed 400 Fast Trak brackets from 250mm to 900mm. The installation time was 2 times faster and the labour cost has been divided by 3. The product has been highly appreciated by the customer. Neat and tidy, the product is easy to use but also can be stacked on site to reduce storage. No tools needed: threaded rod, brackets, nuts and bolts.

Tags: Building Services, Corporate, Events

  Gripple solution Traditional method
Material 400 Fast Trak brackets from 250mm to 900mm Threaded rod, bracket, nuts and bolts
Material cost € 2,885 € 785
Installation time 64 horas 160 horas
Labour rate (per hour) € 45 € 45
Total labour cost € 2,880 € 7,200
Total € 5,765 € 7,985

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