Construction - Get back on track

Our suspension systems offer a faster, safer, cost effective and energy efficient alternative to threaded rod and channel. Globally renowned and in use on a multitude of high profile projects around the world, there’s never been a better time for construction professionals to switch to the time and labor saving benefits of the Gripple system, and get projects back on track in 2020.


Make significant time and cost savings

Gripple suspension kits deliver savings of up to 85% on installation times, when compared to threaded rod and channel. Intuitive design, simple installation and one handed adjustment means minimal time is required to train installers and complete the installation of building services.

Downtime on construction sites since lockdown means time will be at a premium; the cutting and filling of threaded rod, and the arduous process of its transportation around site will mean traditional systems feel at odds with the challenges of 2020. The simplicity of our system – its arrival to site as a ready-use-solution, complete with hangers, pre-cut lengths of wire rope and fused end fixings – will make Gripple, and faster project delivery, the new normal.

Stay safe on site

The use of Gripple solutions considerably minimises health and safety concerns, and in the current climate, that’s never been more vital. As a pre-engineered solution, Gripple kits arrive on site ready-to-use, removing the need for potentially hazardous hot works and cutting on-site. One box of Standard No. 2 cable rope kits weighs just 18 lbs, doing the same job as 330 lb of threaded rod and channel. Not only is the weight and bulk of carry material reduced, but also the time spent working at height.

Gripple solutions’ lightweight nature is particularly important within the context of social distancing guidelines. It only takes one person to carry the product on and around site, prepare it, install it and make adjustments – a significant advantage when compared to the labor intensive nature of threaded rod.



“I strongly reccommend Fast Trak and I will use it on other jobs because it’s fast and sturdy. Fast Trak system on labor saving alone makes a huge difference.”


 General Foreman, Jim Drummond


Trusted supply chains

With 20 Gripple sites around the world, we have nearly 1,000 dedicated Gripple people, all passionate about our business and supporting your next project. Four of our sites in Sheffield, UK play host to world class manufacturing capabilities and are the hub of our production output – delivering significant order volumes which allowed us to surpass the sale of our 750 millionth unit in 2019, our 30th year of operations. Over the years, we’ve worked hard to develop our expertise and bring more of our manufacturing processes in-house. Expertise within the group today extends to diecasting, tooling, automated machine build, returnable transit packaging and precision measurement. Such control and ownership of our supply chain allows us to guarantee market leading delivery times and trusted solutions.

World class solutions delivered by owners

Gripple is a 100% employee owned business which means all of our people have shares and a direct responsibility for our continued growth and success. For our customers, that means whether you’re speaking to our sales, technical or logistics teams, you’re speaking to owners, engaged in ensuring our business keeps delivering and improving. Success directly affects us all.

Empowered owners across our business gives a commitment to the quality of our product and service offering that our competitors simply can’t match. We’re all working towards the same targets, and we all benefit when we meet them.



"You can nail down hundreds of Spiders in an hour, compared to crawling round on your hands and knees, hammering in another type of anchor. Spider can be installed as fast as you can walk.”


 Superintendent, AMI Mechanical


Support at every stage of your project

We deliver outstanding services alongside patented solutions. Our technical teams, made up of qualified engineering physicists and mechanical engineers, offer a range of support services at every stage of your project. Our installation design service allows customers to submit project drawings, which we return, fully annotated and costed. The service allows for exact specification of Gripple solutions which are labelled and corresponding with the drawings when they arrive to site, to ease storage and logistics.

We’re well equipped to facilitate Building Information Modelling (BIM) on your next project. As one of the only manufacturers to have achieved ISO 19650-2 accreditation, a series of international standards which defines the process of effectively managing information on a BIM project, the team can populate Revit models with Gripple product families, provide training on the process of adding Gripple BIM objects to 3D models, and supply detailed schedules of Gripple components, minimising cost and waste.

For information on the full range of services provided by the Gripple technical team, click here.

The Gripple offering is characterized by world class, patented solutions which deliver significant time and labor savings; world class manufacturing capabilities supported by a global network of dedicated Gripple people; trusted supply chains built on 30 years of sustainable growth and innovation, and outstanding technical support delivered by experts. As the construction industry seeks to make up for lost time, we’ll help you get your project back on track in 2020.