Why Gripple?

Gripple is a market leading manufacturer delivering time-saving simplicity and problem-solving innovation in landscaping applications. With partners around the world, we’re a globally recognised brand, synonymous with time, labour and CO2 saving solutions, outstanding technical support and innovation driven by employee ownership. We offer a comprehensive solution for tree anchoring and trellising applications – designed to deliver significant benefits when compared to traditional solutions - characterised by products designed and manufactured in-house, alongside on-site training and support delivered by a team of dedicated technical experts.

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Considerable time and cost savings on your project

Gripple solutions are designed with the express purpose of solving customer problems, to deliver significant time and labour savings during the installation process, when compared to traditional systems. Tree anchoring solutions are supplied as ready-to-use kits, eliminating on-site preparation, whilst the trellising range allows the installer to join and tension in one, vastly simplifying the install process. Purpose-built tools and accessories add further simplicity to installation across the range.

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Enhanced aesthetics

We pride ourselves on delivering solutions which are in-keeping with their environments. Where possible, we remove unnecessary materials and due to the inherent strength of the ‘grip and pull’ technology, are able to deliver all the required strength and durability with lighter, more discreet solutions. Our garden trellis solution is supplied with green tensioners and green monofilament wire, allowing the creating of discreet frameworks which complement the garden; some of our tree anchoring solutions are below ground, which also enhances aesthetics while providing all the required strength.

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Purpose engineered solutions from a market leading manufacturer

We’ve been manufacturing industry leading solutions in a range of markets for more than 30 years. We have 10 global sites, 700 employees, over 3900 customers across 85 different countries, and more than 50 industry and national accolades to our name. Choosing Gripple solutions on your next project means choosing globally renowned product quality, unrivalled customer service and an enduring commitment to problem-solving innovation.

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Strength and versatility for a range of applications

In trellising applications, by eradicating the need to knot and tie wires, the integral strength of your wire is never compromised. The selection of tools available ensure installation and maintenance are hassle free, and our patented push-fit technology delivers peace of mind and longevity to your project. Our tree bracing systems are designed to mimic the support delivered by established roots until the tree has naturally established itself. The system is designed to withstand extreme loading cases for the tree’s footprint.

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Innovative, patented solutions designed by an in-house team of engineers

Innovation is absolutely central to our business culture, so much so that we aim to achieve 25% of our annual turnover every year from products less than 5 years old. We have a dedicated, in-house ideas and innovation team, where a team of product design engineers work closely with our product management team to ensure we’re constantly delivering problem solving solutions to the market.

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