Our Environmental Commitments

Gripple takes an exemplary approach to long term sustainability. We have an Environmental Management System in place, certified to ISO 14001, and in 2007, were the proud winners of the EEF Environmental Award. As a member of the GLIDE group of employee-owned companies, we have a values-driven approach to growing a sustainable business. The GLIDE custodian charter focuses on tools for long term growth and our approach is to put sustainability at the heart of everything we do.

Minimizing our Environmental Impact

As a manufacturing plant, we recognize our responsibility to reduce our impact on the planet. In recent years, we have maximized our energy efficiency, decreased electricity use, reduced landfill/incinerated waste, increased recycling, conserved our use of raw materials, and minimized our packaging. Our commitment to ‘greener’ long term investment is characterized by the renovation of our Riverside Works factory in Sheffield, UK - completed in 2017 - which features over 400 solar panels, the first river water heating system in the region, the world’s largest aquaponics green wall system in a factory, and an evaporative cooling system.

Our Worldwide Carbon Footprint

We continuously strive to integrate sustainability into our product design process; a Gripple joiner today contains 30% less zinc than the original design, without compromising on strength or functionality.
Our approach is to manufacture and supply solutions which are less resource intensive than alternatives in the market place. We solve problems for our customers which deliver significant, long-term sustainable benefits. Using Gripple solutions instead of traditional threaded rod when suspending building services ensures a 98% reduction in embodied CO2. In 2017, the use of Gripple solutions rather than traditional systems delivered an estimated CO2 saving of 20 thousand tonnes - a huge environmental benefit within the context of the rapidly growing built environment. 

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Why use Gripple?

  • Significant time and cost savings on your project
  • Complete, off-site solutions which minimise health and safety concerns
  • Innovative, patented solutions designed by an in-house team of engineers
  • Considerable reductions in packaging, vehicle movements & embodied CO2
  • A range of support services at every stage of your project, provided by a dedicated technical team
  • Aesthetically pleasing solutions; lightweight and virtually invisible