Data Center, Minnesota

Underground electrical duct bank installation using 200 Gripple UBA kits for a 53,000 square foot building that will include offices, training spaces and a data center.

  • Building Type: Data Center
  • Main Contractor: Parsons Electric
  • Services: Underground Electrical Duct Bank 
“Our standard installation for one anchor on the duct bank took us 8 to 9 minutes. With the Gripple anchor it takes us about a minute and a half to 2 minutes. We are moving to make this our standard for duct bank anchoring.”
General Contractor, Parsons Electric

The contractor, Parsons Electric, was working on installing an underground electrical duct banking system that would lead conduit to a 53,000 square foot building that will include offices, training spaces, and a data center. The contractor was looking for an anchoring solution to help prevent the PVC conduit from floating when concrete was poured. 

In searching for a solution, Parsons Electric found that the Gripple Underground Buoyancy System offered full protection against all upward forces. Parsons Electric have used Gripple hanger products before but this was their first time utilizing the Underground Buoyancy Anchoring system. In addition to the anchor’s strength, their ground’s engineering properties were able to be accessed with minimal soil disturbance which maintained the strength of the trench walls. 

Using Gripple over the traditional method on this project was five times faster and saved the contractors 12.7 hours of total installation time. 

  Gripple Solution Traditional Method
Overview Underground Buoyancy Anchor EMT Conduit 
No. Drops $1,650 $1,650
Installation time (hr) 1.8 hours 14.5 hours
Labor rate (per hour) $40 $40
Total labor cost $72 $580
Total labor cost $1,760 $2,230
Tags: Building Services

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