Daytona International Speedway

Daytona International Speedway is one of the most prestigious race tracks in NASCAR. The track is tailored to enhancing the fan experience, with fan amenities like; the Sprint FanZone, Budweiser Party Porch and 101,000 seats that capture the exceptional atmosphere of racing. 

  • Building Type: Race Track - 101,000
  • Main Contractor: M.C. Dean
  • Services: Electrical
  • Gripple Products used: Stainless Steel Hangers, Trapeze, and Eyelet end fixings. 
  • Special Requirements: Stainless Steel, Non corrosive

The renovation named “Daytona Rising” is to be complete January 2016. The renovation to the speedway is being done to improve the fan experience with five redesigned fan entrances, wider, more comfortable seating, more restrooms and concession stands. Gripple products being used are Stainless Steel Cable, Stainless Steel Eyelet and Trapeze No. 3 Fastener. Gripple is being used to suspend cable trays which will hold IT and security cables.

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