Data Center, OR

  • Project Type: Data Center
  • Building Structure: 2 Story Metal Deck / Concrete
  • Services: Electrical / Underground Buoyancy Anchoring / Seismic / Lighting
  • Products Used: UniGrip Hanger / Underground Buoyancy Anchor Kit / Seismic Kit
“Using UniGrip on the conduit racks required half the amount of labor and manpower and was done in half the time, compared to traditional means and methods.”
General Contractor

Gripple provided multiple services on this data center project in the state of Oregon. The services included conduit racks suspension, underground buoyancy anchoring, seismic engineering/materials, and lighting.

On the inside of the building, the contractor installed conduit racks throughout the entire data hall using the UniGrip hangers. Their team were able to build racks off the ground at waist height and then hoist to elevation. Alleviating safety concerns with building racks off the scissor lifts. The cables also created secondary support when raising the racks to final position adding more safety.

Underground, the contractor installed high voltage duct banks. To prevent flotation, the duct banks were secured into place using the Gripple Underground Buoyancy Anchor which ensured there was no threat of floating and failure during pours. The system ensured a quick and safe installation using a rotary hammer. After completion the contractor stated, “We wish we had seen this prior to this project.”

Additionally, the contractor utilized the Gripple Seismic Engineering & Bracing kit for force protection. The bracing kits were easy to install, required no tools, and the color coding allowed for easy field verification from the ground. The biggest benefit was the flexibility to retrofit and adjust after the racks were already installed, to find clash free areas to install.


Tags: Building Services, Seismic Bracing

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