Office Building, Tours, France

A firm did some on-site work on an office building installing the electrical system. Using 120 Fast Trak systems made it possible to save 45 hours’ work and divide the installation costs by 3. The installer made a time saving of 7 days’ work. He therefore reduced 10 business days’ work to only 3 business days’ work.

“I usually fit 3 linear metres of cable tray per hour. With the Fast Trak system I can do 10 linear metres per hour. So easy to fit and set the height! This can’t be compared with our usual hanger fittings, the standard threaded rod which involve cutting as well as nuts and bolts. I’m really looking forward to the next job!”
- Site Manager -
  • Building type: 5 000 m2 office building
  • Place: Tours, France
  • Building structure: Concrete
  • Product suspended: Cable baskets

In December 2021, the city of Tours opened a brand new office building. A firm known for working on the installation of electrical and air-conditioning equipment was in charge of the electrical networks suspension in the 5,000-m² concrete slab building.

In order to execute this project, the Site Manager decided to work with Gripple, a firm with a reputation for the quality of its innovative suspension systems. Therefore, when it came to completing work on this site in the time allowed, Gripple proposed using a single product: the Fast Trak - Segregated.

The Fast Trak is a ready-to-use supporting solution that does not involve any cutting, thus eliminating grinder related accidents. This product offers the quick, flexible installation of electrical systems as it can be adjusted without levelling tools.

This solution is bound to be appreciated by installers everywhere because, over and above the speed and ease of installation, the Fast Trak optimises maintenance and storage.

With Gripple products, the installer made a time saving of 7 days’ work. He therefore reduced 10 business days’ work to only 3 business days’ work. This degree of time saving divided total fitting costs by 3.

The installer, therefore, completed work on the site more quickly and the results are safe, clean and pleasing to the eye, as well as being easier on the pocket regarding installation costs.

The site manager says he’s delighted with the significant time saving and how easy it was to install. Preparation, installation and storage proceeded in an optimal fashion.

If you have any questions about this study and/or our products, please contact your local Gripple expert.

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