Reliance Twin Towers, Ghansoli, Navi Mumbai

Reliance Twin Towers consists of two identical 32 floor multi-storey towers.
Gripple supplied its range of Standard Hanger products to this project for the suspension of HVAC, Piping and Fire Fighting services.

                      TIME SAVINGS 
                        270 HOURS 
28,250 INR
  • Building Type: Commercial
  • Consultant: AECOM
  • Main Contractor: Reliance Industries
  • MEP Contractor: Godrej MEP, Rolastar, Parasanni Infra, Total Solutions
  • Services: HVAC, Piping, Fire Fighting

Reliance Twin Towers consists of two identical 32 floor multi-storey towers, designed by architect Hafeez. The towers were designed to accommodate 3000 office spaces across 36,200 sq.m.

When the Gripple representative arrived on site they were faced with the challenge of the project being on a tight timescale but also the contractors on the job were comfortable using traditional systems. After an in-depth presentation with the key stakeholders on the project, they could see the benefits to using Gripple products.

The ready-to-use kits arrived on-site in zone-specific boxes, with fewer components taking the weight off the building structure, along with been up to six times faster to install than traditional methods. The hangers are aesthetically pleasing and complement open soffit spaces.

Gripple provided this project with excellent onsite support and customer service, they were involved with pre-tendering, design support and on-site product training for the installers.

Overall, the installation with Gripple products enabled the HVAC and piping services to be installed 7 weeks’ ahead of schedule, saving the contractor 270 hours on the project. Along with the project benefitting from 28,250 INR in overall savings.  

“Gripple made our installation process very quick, saving us a lot of time on this project. It helped us in adhering to given time scales for such big project.”
Mr Harish Kumar, DGM, Projects India, Rolastar Pvt. Ltd

  Gripple solution  Traditional method 
Overview  Standard Hanger No.2, No.3 and No.4 and Unistrut Threaded Rod and Slotted Channel
Material cost 1,000,000 INR 900,000 INR
Installation time  450 hours 720 hours
Labour rate (per hour) 475 INR 475 INR
Total labour cost 213,750 INR 342,000 INR
Total cost 1,213,750 INR 1,242,000 INR
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