TC 22

An aesthetically pleasing solution was needed for the new offices of Reliance Industries for hanging all of the building services and decorations.

  • Building Type: Commercial
  • Location: India
  • Consultant: DSG Consultant Pvt Ltd.
  • Main Contractor: SPCL Ltd.
  • Electrical Contractor: Pravin Electricals Pvt Ltd.
  • Services: HVAC, Lighting, Piping, Acoustic, Panels, Decorative Ceiling

TC 22 is a commercial building with 4 wings, each with 8 floors. Owned by the large corporation Reliance Industries, their 4G internet service JIO team will occupy the entire building.The project consultant had a design in mind for the building which represents an open culture in the office. There is an open-plan layout, with only one closed meeting room per floor. The design of every floor represents different regions and their cultures in India.

The main challenges for this project were: no false ceilings were allowed, everything must be aesthetically pleasing, services and decorations must be installed easily. After the traditional method was used on the ground floor, it proved cumbersome. The Gripple wire hanging system was chosen to install all of the services and decorations on all floors in the building including; ducting, electrical cable tray, piping, lighting, acoustic panels, and decorative ceilings.

Gripple allowed the project to be completed after it had been delayed due to the consultant wanting to find a good looking solution.

Tags: Building Services

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