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The project engineer at this new commercial development saw a number of benefits when using Gripple to install a variety of ductwork.

  • Building Type: Commercial
  • Location: India
  • MEP Consultant: RSP Design Engineers
  • MEP Contractor: ABS Contractors
  • Services: HVAC

The new LogMeIn INC. offices are part of a new commercial RCC multi-tenant building which has been built by developers Prestige on Raj Bhavan Road in Bangalore. The 16 floor, plus 3 basement level building is in the heart of Silicon Valley and has an unusual open ceiling concept which made it ideal for the use of Gripple. The total area is 160,000 sq.ft with a floor-to-floor height of 3.95 m.

Gripple was specified for air-conditioning ducts, contained spiral, flat oval and rectangular ducts on the project. The versatility of Gripple hanger solutions meant that all of these types of ducts could be easy suspended.

Tags: Building Services

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  • Innovative, patented solutions designed by an in-house team of engineers
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  • A range of support services at every stage of your project, provided by our technical team.
  • A range of support services at every stage of your project, provided by a dedicated technical team