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Gripple was established in 1989 as an ingenious means of joining agricultural wire fencing together. Today, it’s a globally recognised manufacturer, delivering innovative, value-added solutions to construction and agricultural markets.

World-leading Manufacturer

With three manufacturing sites in Sheffield, UK, and operations in 18 regional hubs around the world, including Chicago, Obernai, Warsaw, Toronto, New Delhi and Kobe, Gripple is an 100% employee-owned company, with a unique approach to business, characterised by investment in people, innovation and sustainable growth.

Of the 950+ strong Gripple team working worldwide, over 40 people are dedicated to servicing India. All are experts in suspension solutions for HVAC, M&E, modules, lighting, acoustic and signage, as well as specialist teams for civil construction and agriculture.

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Our History

One particularly damp day in 1985, a wire-salesman and budding entrepreneur named Hugh Facey found himself on a wet hillside in Wales discussing the woes of fencing with a frustrated farmer. Aggravated by cumbersome ways of joining fence wires by bending and knotting, he bemoaned the lack of alternatives.

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