GE India, Bangalore

Aesthetics were the key driver for Gripple being selected at the new GE India offices in Bangalore.

  • Building Type: Commercial
  • Location: Bangalore, India
  • Consultant: RC Architects
  • Contractor: Micron Electricals / Cherry Hill Interiors
  • Services: Electrical, Lighting and Acoustic

On 7 floors of the offices, there is an open ceiling concept which required an aesthetic solution for the suspension of cable trays, wooden light housings, and AMF acoustic baffle panels.

Gripple’s wire suspension solutions deliver a minimalist look to complement the environment and enable a light, airy, welcoming space to be created where there are open ceilings.

The wooden light housings had very small clearance between the housing and light, which was fixed inside the housing. To resolve this, toggle end wires were used.

Tags: Building Services

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