Amazon Fulfilment Centre, Sonipat

Gripple was chosen by Amazon for their regional fulfilment centre in Sonipat to help them meet their tight development schedule. It is Amazon’s 7th project using Gripple in its
facilities in India. After the first project they saw the benefits of using Gripple products, and after the second project
they standardised Gripple for all of their future projects.

  • Building Type: Warehouse
  • Location: Sonipat, India
  • HVAC Consultant: Abid Husain
  • HVAC Contractor: ELM Enterprises
  • Electrical Consultant: Engineering Consultants
  • Electrical Contractor: Sterling & Wilson
  • FF Consultant: Techno Engineering
  • FF Contractor: UTS Engineers
  • Services: HVAC and Electrical

One of the main requirements from the client was that they were working to a tight deadline so the solution needed to be quick to install. There is also an open ceiling so it needed to look aesthetically pleasing.

The fulfillment centre is a pre-engineered building, and the height of the services ranged from 8m to 18m a traditional support was not an option. All of the supports had to be taken from the purlin so a solution was needed that required no drilling or welding. The Standard Hanger with loop end fixing was chosen as the most suitable solution. The loop was taken around the purlin so that no welding or drilling was involved which resulted in quick installation and an aesthetically pleasing arrangement. Gripple’s products were used to install electrical applications including cable trays and raceways, as well as HVAC ducting.

As there was no welding and drilling it meant health and safety on-site was improved also. As a company, Amazon have some of the best safety practices in the industry the Gripple solution proved perfect for them. 

The total installation time for the services was reduced by up to 60-70%. Each support could be hung in around 1 minute, whereas with the traditional method this could go up to 15 minutes per support, so the time saving for this project was significant.

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