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The Terra-Lock 800 range prevents landslides

Gripple extends the Terra-Lock range with the TL-800 system for embankment and subvertical slope reinforcement.

How to reconcile innovation and environmental impact? Gripple has always been concerned to combine the two issues without ever compromising one at the expense of the other. Now, more than ever, all innovations must be environmentally friendly and have a reduced carbon footprint.

With the TL-800 range, Gripple engineers have once again created an innovative product to meet new market needs while reducing environmental impact. This solution prevents landslides and the effects of erosion. The TL-800 range allows you to strengthen slopes and subvertical slopes. No more use of concrete, stone or filling. No more earthworks and unnecessary transport. The TL-800 range can be installed quickly and without unnecessary environmental impact.

The system is extremely light and hardly interferes with the slope at all, which significantly reduces the risk of landslides or subsidence. It can also be used to reinforce subvertical slopes with sheet piling or a 3D geogrid or stabilise gabions, to prevent retaining walls from falling over and sliding.

The installation depth of the TL-800 range and the number of anchors used significantly increase the safety coefficient by actively and deeply maintaining all surface movements.

This solution solves a number of problems related to restrictions on the construction of civil engineering facilities.

> For more information, visit: TL-808 and TL-80S

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The Terra-Lock® system provides short and long term stability by preventing failures and the effects of erosion.

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