Civil Construction

To support our customers in the civil engineering field, Gripple offers a technical service staffed by qualified engineers

To provide the best value-added engineering solution, Gripple makes all its engineering expertise available to construction sites through its Technical Services Department.

Civil Engineering sites require precision, control and adaptability. Accuracy because errors are forbidden on this type of site, moreso than any other. Mastery, because the technical nature of the work required is highly specialised. There is no room for improvisation. Finally, adaptability, because no two building sites are the same and all have different characteristics.

It's to solve this complex equation that Gripple offers its technical services to clients for free studies. The Technical Department, an in-house design office staffed by specialist engineers, examines all requests in detail to ensure a tailor-made solution.

In the field of Civil Engineering, this technical department delivers a complete study on the dimensioning of slope stabilisation solutions, for example. Which solution is the most suitable to achieve the objectives set by optimising costs and intervention time?

In detail, Gripple's Technical Services Department works on a number of levels:

  • Pre-study, based on a geotechnical report, to deliver engineering principles
  • Installation and design, because the solutions are tailor-made
  • Product training, with a Gripple engineer on site prior to the start of the project
  • Accreditation to certify training in our systems
  • The guarantee of our world-renowned manufacturing
  • Site supervision (free service) for support throughout the execution process.
  • The technical data supplied with all our products
  • On-site and laboratory testing and rigorous quality control

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