Our technical support, your peace of mind

Making a sale has never been the end of the business relationship with our customers. At Gripple, we place great emphasis on supporting you throughout your project, so that you can go about your business with complete peace of mind.

Gripple Technical Support is a dedicated team of qualified engineering physicists and mechanical engineers. Our customers regularly entrust us with their projects, and this team of experts provides support services at every stage of the project, from custom suspension system design to on-site training.

Profit from the technical support:

  • Saving time on your project: A Gripple design study is completed in 5 days, compared to 2 weeks for a competitor study.
  • Real expertise: Our technical service includes a design and engineering department, which carries out the study and also offers advice.
  • Simple solutions: Our products are shipped to you as kits, including a locking device, cable and end fixing.
  • Working in comfort: The plans are printed in A0 format, to ensure you a drawings are easy to read and utilise to your advantage.
  • Saving time in the collection of information: Thanks to the BIM/REVIT technology, we can quickly produce a summary plan (altimetry, installation height). Only 35% of construction companies have this state-of-the-art software.
  • Technical sales team: At Gripple, our sales managers undergo continuous technical training, including 6 weeks of training, that includes 12 hours of technical training on recruitment, 4 sales meetings and 2 technical meetings per year. This enables them to provide in-depth technical support to our customers on all aspects of the business.


For more information, please contact the regional sales manager.

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