Burgundy Canal - Fleurey-sur-Ouche, France

Connecting the rivers Seine and Rhone, the Burgundy Canal is 242 km long. The banks made of sheet piles near the town of Fleurey-sur-Ouche, got damaged by soil expansion creating water ingress into the river bank. The engineering office of the french agency for waterways (VNF) approved the use of our Terra-Lock system to reinforce 70 m of riverbank.

The Terra-Lock system had two major benefits for this project; its durable and ecological geotextile had a great draining effect on the nearby soil, and also allowed for vegetation regrowth. This gave the riverbank back its natural look, perfect for this touristic waterway.
  • Project : Riverbank
  • Location : Fleurey-sur-Ouche, France
  • Services : Riverbank reinforcement

Built in 1832, the Burgundy Canal was designed initially for freight transport between the Seine and Rhône river. Today it is almost exclusively used for fluvial tourism.

The canal passes through the town of Fleurey-sur-Ouche, located 20 km away from Dijon. On this section, the river bank is protected by sheet piles, but soil expansion behind the bank had damaged the existing installation.

Having looked for a solution many months, the engineering office of the French agency for waterways (VNF) approved the use of our Terra-Lock system to repair the river bank. Beforehand, the Gripple engineering team had provided a full technical study on this site. The Terra-Lock system is made of complementary
elements: a TL-406 anchoring system and a G-MAT geotextile. This combination was the perfect answer to the soil expansion issue. Our geotextile is designed to
prevent erosion damage caused by the water, while at the same time having a draining effect on the neighbouring expanding soil. The whole geotextile is secured in place by TL-A4 anchors reaching 1.5 m deep and TL-P anchoring pins to fasten it against the ground.

On top of its very capable technical properties, our Terra-Lock solution allows for vegetation regrowth thanks to the open head design of our TL-406. Coupled with our G-MAT, it aids the rapid development of vegetation, the roots of which form a complex matrix, reinforcing nature, and giving the riverbank back its natural look. A particularly interesting characteristic along this touristic waterway.

Tags: Civil Construction

  Gripple solution Traditional method
Overview 330 TL-406 with TL-A4 ; 420 TL-P4
20 30 m² rolls of G-MAT C550
Drive Tool, GPD and JackJaw
Sheet Piles
Installation time 2 weeks 3 weeks
Total cost 7 700 € + 6 000 € 49 000 €

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