Kananaskis Emergency Response Center, Kananaskis, Alberta

Kananaskis Emergency Services Centre is part of an $18.5 million government funded project to provide a replacement facility, which will offer fire and advanced life support ambulance services, as well as a 24 hour dispatch center. Gripple supplied the Express hanger kits and GS 12 Kits for this project.

                     TIME SAVINGS
                        364 HOURS
  • Building Type: Post-Disaster Emergency Response Center
  • Main Contractor: CLARK Builders
  • MEP Contractor: Blazer Mechanical (Plumbing), West-Air (HVAC), Quigley Electrical (Electrical)
  • Building Structure: Concrete and Metal Decking
  • Services: Lighting, secondary supports, seismic restraint

The three year project for a new facility for Kananaskis Emergency Services Center is expected to be fully operational by 2019, the new center will house full-time and casual firefighters as well as an advanced life-support EMS unit with two AHS staff on site at all times.

When a Gripple representative first arrived on site they were originally required for their Seismic Engineering services and for offering a restraint for non-structural components. After seeing the benefits of other Gripple products they decided to also use Gripple for suspending the lights in the apparatus bay.

The Gripple Express No.1 hanger was used for suspending all of the lighting, as the hanger is up to 6 times faster to install when compared to traditional methods - allowing the contractor to finish on the project ahead of schedule. The ergonomic push-button is quick and easy to use for adjusting and leveling the position of the fixtures. The Express No.1 has a 5:1 safety factor with 33 lbs load rating per hanger.

In addition, Gripple Cable Bracing Systems were also installed on this project to minimize damage to the building structure in event of an earthquake or seismic event. The project required GS12 kits with a Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) of 1,050 lbs. The GS Kits were used as a seismic restraint on site by all of the contractors. The kits have color-coded tags which allow for easy field verification from the ground, along with being adaptable for a variety of configurations.

Gripple Engineering services, ensure the bracing meets the seismic design requirements of the non-structural components related to weight loads and types of connections. Both Gripple systems saved the contractors working on this site 9 working weeks*, and $17,600 in labour costs. 

“This was my first time using Gripple and just something as simple as hanging the high bay lights was so much easier. Adjustability and the idea that I didn’t have to deal with chain was a game changer.”
Alan, Electrical Foreman, Quigley Electrical 

  Gripple Solution Traditional Method
Overview GS 12 kits, Express No.1 Rigid bracing, Jack Chain
Material cost $24,000 $8,000
Installation time 20 hours  384 hours
Labour rate (per hour) Electrical: $60.00, Mechanical: $50 Electrical: $60.00, Mechanical: $50
Total labour cost $2,560 $20,160
Total cost $26,560 $28,160

*Figure based on one installer working for eight hours a day

Tags: Building Services, Seismic Bracing

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