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Need help with an installation? Take a look at our how-to videos below. If you still need assistance, our team of experts will be happy to visit your site and guide you through the installation process.

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 Anchoring metal posts on a vineyard using the APAK Plus M for improved strength, safety and durability. With a high load capacity the APAK Plus M can be easily re-tensioned year-after-year.



Installation of metal vineyard posts using the Gripple Petrol Driver (GPD). Available with a handy adaptor to ensure a snug fit, the GPD can be used to install vineyard posts up to 70mm diameter quickly and easily.



 Repairing trellis wires made easy with Gripple Plus. Whether in-line or loop repairs, Gripple Plus ensures a quick and reliable repair which can be tensioned and re-tensioned with the Torq Tensioning Tool.



The Concrete Post Kit is a simple and fast solution to securing trellising wires to concrete end posts in Viticulture Trellising, Orchard Trellising and Fencing applications.



The GPAK is a ready-to-use wire fence bracing kit which significantly reduces time and labour during installation. Ideal for fence bracing, trellis anchoring and structural bracing of poly-tunnels the GPAK can be installed in less than one minute saving time and labour.



Installation demonstration of the NEW Dynamic Gripple (DPAK) in an orchard application. With an integral locking system and high load-bearing capability, the Dynamic secures high-load trellis structures in seconds and can be tensioned and re-tensioned with the Contractor Tensioning Tool.



The Gripple Barbed is designed for use with larger diameter barbed wire. It is fitted with ceramic rollers for high corrosion resistance. It can join and tension 2.00mm and 2.50mm barbed wire in seconds. The one-way movement allows for re-tensioning and it provides a professional, safe and secure finish.



The Gripple Anchor saves time and labour as it is very quick to install. There is minimal ground disturbance and it is suitable for a variety of soil types. The cutting edge driving tool eliminates damage to the anchor. It provides instant load holding and is designed for use with GPAK 3 & 4.



The Dynamic is the new way to brace high-load fencing structures securely. Ideal for deer netting, horse mesh or longer runs, the Dynamic comes in a ready-to-use kit that can be installed and locked in less than 1 minute.

Why use Gripple?

  • Considerable time and cost savings on your project
  • Simplified installation, maintenance and repair
  • Market-leading solutions
  • Innovative, patented solutions designed by an in-house team of engineers
  • Strong, long-lasting products
  • A complete solution for a wide range of applications
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