Molson Coors, Montreal, Quebec

The new multi-purpose Molson Coors 2,000,000 sq.ft building in Molson, will provide a new warehouse and head office. Gripple supplied the Express hangers and Low Profile Brackets on this project for the suspension of all lighting.

                     TIME SAVINGS
                       300 HOURS
  • Building Type: Commercial
  • Consultant: Pageau Morel
  • Main Contractor: Brocollini
  • MEP Contractor: Britton Electrique
  • Building Structure: Concrete
  • Services: Track Lighting

Molson Coors are building a new sq.ft multi-purpose building in Molson. The 100 ft high commercial building will serve the multi-national brewing company in its distribution network and create a new head office and jobs for the people of Montreal.

The building is constructed from metal deck and Gripple was chosen by the Contractor for the suspension of the light fixtures, due to improved onsite logistics and maximizing the space in the lift – Gripple products also allowed for easy transportation around the site, due to the large square footage this helped to complete the project on time.

The Gripple Express No.2 hanger was suspended from the Low Profile Bracket using the QT Barrel – which is attached with a quarter-turn attachment. The QT Barrel was chosen for this project as the Contractor anticipated changes to the position of the light fixtures, and the QT Barrel allowed them to move the hanger points when required and the Low Profile Bracket offered them flexibility for future design changes.

The Contractor on this project was also focused on the reduction of material handling, and the Low Profile Bracket and Express No.2 can be easily moved the around site, also stacking the boxes into the lift was far easier than storing rod.

The Contractor saved 300 hours in total due to the quick installation time which equated to an overall saving of $8,670.

“The main benefits for me were the logistics and maximizing the space in the lift as the deck is 100ft high from the ground. It’s easy to stock Gripple in the lift as opposed to rod. The solutions eliminate an apprentice to prepare and one man can install right away. Therefore we save on labour. Also, as it’s a pan deck the LPB and QTB are easy for us to use and adjust as we anticipate changes on the job. The QTB will permit us to move hanger points when needed, and your LPB provides flexibility to do just that.”

Sylvain Barbe, Superintendant/ Foreman, Dawco Electrique 

  Gripple Solution Traditional Method
Overview Express No.2 with QT Barrel and 2FT Low Profile Bracket Jack Chain, S Hooks, Bracket to attach to the deck
Material cost $24,450 $15,120
Installation time 249 hours  549 hours
Labour rate (per hour) $60 $60
Total labour cost $14,940 $32,940
Total cost $39,390 $48,060
Tags: Building Services

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