CHUM Hospital, Montreal, Quebec

Gripple’s GS12 seismic bracing system proved perfect for the bracing of pipework at the CHUM Hospital in Montreal due to its flexibility during installation. The system is specifically designed and engineered to brace and secure suspended nonstructural equipment to minimize damage from an earthquake seismic event.

                      TIME SAVINGS 
                         175 HOURS 
  • Building Type: Medical
  • Consultant: Pageau Morel
  • Main Contractor: Pomerleau
  • MEP Contractor: Lambert Somec
  • Building Structure: Concrete
  • Services: Pipework bracing

The Centre Hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM Hospital) in Montreal, Quebec is one of two major healthcare networks in the city of Montreal, Quebec. It is a teaching institution affiliated with the French-language Université de Montréal and is one of the largest hospitals in Canada. The hospital provides over 349,000m² floorspace and delivers 772 single-bed rooms.

The 22-storey concrete building is a design and build hospital project and has LEED silver level status.

For this project Gripple was asked to supply seismic bracing for pipework in the building. There was a large challenge as the ceiling space was very congested with other services and so a solution was needed for the bracing that would not take up too much space. The Gripple GS12 kits proved a perfect solution to this problem due to the space-saving nature of the kits.

The cable bracing kits offer flexibility as they can be fitted around existing services and they are supplied ready to use reducing the installation time and the amount of materials on-site. Each Gripple seismic bracing kit comes with its own safe working load rating, selection of cable lengths, pre-attached end fittings, and bracket. The GS12 kits have a design strength (LRFD) of 1,050 lbs.

As part of our Engineering services, Gripple will ensure that the bracing meets the seismic design requirements of the nonstructural components as related to weight loads and types of connections.

“The Gripple seismic bracing solutions are fast, flexible and easy to manage on-site as they are delivered in one bag as ready-to-use kits. It’s been a big labor saver for us using Gripple.”

Dominic Gendron, Foreman, Lambert Somec 

  Gripple solution  Traditional method 
Overview  GS12 Kits Spools of cable, thimble, Crosby clamps, brackets, crimps
Material cost $12,000 $5,400
Installation time  25 hours 200 hours
Labour rate (per hour) $60 $60
Total labour cost $1,500 $12,000
Total cost $13,500 $17,400
Tags: Building Services, Seismic Bracing

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