New Academic Pavilion St-Jean Garrison (HVAC), St. Jean-sur-Richilieu, Quebec

The new three-storey $77-million academic pavilion forms part of a new construction for the Canadian Defence. UniGrip Calibra hangers were used on this project for the suspension of chilled beams.

                     TIME SAVINGS
                       150 HOURS
  • Building Type: Institutional
  • Consultant: AECOM
  • Main Contractor: Decarel
  • MEP Contractor: GNR Corbus Mechanical
  • Building Structure: Metal Deck and Concrete
  • Services: Chilled Beams

The Saint-Jean Garrison is located in Quebec and has constructed a pavilion for the Leadership and Recruit School which provides improved training facilities for the Canadian Forces.

The three-storey 18,000m2 building will welcome new recruits and officer candidates for training in modern facilities.

The building is constructed from metal deck and concrete and Gripple was chosen by the Contractor for the suspension of the chilled beams.

The Gripple UniGrip Calibra hanger was used which has been designed for adjustment of building services under load. It has 35 mm of finite adjustment using integral adjustment pillar and M8 thread, and has a side wire exit. the UniGrip has a high load rating of up to 250 kg with a 5:1 safety factor.

Unlike the traditional method of threaded rod, unistrut, nuts, washers and anchors, the Gripple solution requires no ‘hot works’, thus improving health and safety during installation on-site. It is also easy to move and handle, and manage stock due to the fact it is delivered to site boxed in ready-to-use kits.

The Contractor saved 150 hours in total due to the quick installation time which equated to a $1,209 saving overall.

“Gripple products serve as a multi-purpose solution, offering flexibility during installation. It is easy to manage stock, and is fast to install meaning we were able to make labour savings. ”

Mario, Foreman, GNR Corbus 

  Gripple Solution Traditional Method
Overview UG2-CAL-LG-5FT-CWHQ Threaded rod, unistrut, nuts, washers and bolts
Material cost $16,866 $6,075
Installation time 50 hours  200 hours
Labour rate (per hour) $80 $80
Total labour cost $4,000 $16,000
Total cost $20,866 $22,075
Tags: Building Services

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