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Spider Concrete Insert

The all-in-one concrete insert, designed for both wood form and metal deck applications.

  • Universal – one insert accommodates rod sizes from 3/8” to 3/4”, as well as No. 2 – No. 5 Swivel Cable Toggle kits
  • Versatile – universal design allows decision on rod size or cable size to be made after the slab is poured
  • Simple – allows the specification and stocking of one insert for all requirements, simplifying procurement through to installation
  • Robust – low profile design aids impact protection; insert doesn’t displace when kicked or knocked on site
  • Strong – up to 3000 lbs safe working load
  • Secure – four wire anchors secure into concrete and ultrasonically welded head eliminates ingress during pour
  • Fast – below deck install saves time due to swivel toggle technology on both

NOTE: This product is only compatible with the Spider Swivel Cable Toggle and Spider Threaded Rod Adaptor end fixings. 

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