Must Ministries

Must Ministries is a volunteer organization dedicated to helping homeless and struggling individuals and families with food, clothing, housing, employment, and more.

  • Location: Marietta, Georgia
  • Contractor: Shumate Mechanical 
  • Building Structure: Steel
  • Services: VRF System Linesets  

The contractor used the Fast Trak system to install VRF linesets with 12 inch pipe supports (2 linesets per support). The Fast Trak system is compatible with off the shelf accessories as well as Gripple products.

  Gripple Solution Traditional Method
Overview  Fast Trak System Channel Strut, Threaded Rod & Clamps
Material Cost $2,100 $1,600
Installation Time  128 hours  224 hours
Labor rate (per hour) $75/hour $75/hour
Total labor cost  $9,600 $16,800
TOTAL COST $11,700 $18,400
Tags: Building Services, Seismic Bracing

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