Lifetime Fitness HQ Expansion, MN

The contractor was tasked with hanging custom designed baffle racks for an expansion at Lifetime Fitness HQ. The highlight of the project was the extremely fast and cost-effective suspension method that Gripple provided.

  • Building Type: Office Building  
  • Main Contractor: Sonus Interiors 
  • Building Structure: Concrete
  • Services: Acoustic-Acoustic Baffles 
“If we were to hang these custom-designed baffle racks with threaded rod, our time would have easily been doubled with assembly and manufacturing the hangers. We attached the Gripple hangers at ground level, raised the rack on a lift, and leveled. Simple! ”
Sonus Interiors

The $26 million - $30 million project at 2902 Corporate Place is across a parking lot from the fitness chain’s current,100,000 square-foot corporate offices. Construction of the two-story building began in the Fall of 2019. About 300 members of Life Time’s in-house construction services and real estate divisions will move into the building in late 2020.

The contractor, Sonus Interiors, is a longtime user of Gripple products, and a partner in product testing for the acoustic and ceiling markets. Sonus said that Gripple was beneficial to the project because of its beautiful and clean architectural look. They also knew the products were easy to use and beneficial when it came to time savings. The Angel hanger with the Eyelag cable end was a quicker alternative than suspending with threaded rod and fasteners, cutting installation time down by 200 hours. In addition, the contractor was able to save $12,700 in labor costs. By using Gripple products, the contractor noticed how great the finished look was and how the speed of installation was vastly increased.

  Gripple Solution Traditional Method
Overview Angel Center Exit with Eyelag cable end  Air Cable with Crimps and painting 
Material Cost  $2,100 $7,060
Installation time  120 hours  320 hours 
Labor rate  $65/hour $65/hr
Total labor cost $7,800 $20,000
TOTAL COST  $9,900 $22,600
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