2nd Street Apartments

The contractor was tasked with installing VRF systems and freshwater piping. The highlight of the project was the tremendous labor savings. Gripple’s Fast Trak system that was chosen for the project helped them complete days worth of work in only three hours.

  • Building Type: Office & Maintenance Garage
  • Main Contractor: Egan Mechanical
  • Building Structure: Concrete
  • Services: Piping 
“I strongly recommend Fast Trak and I will use it on other jobs because it’s fast and sturdy. Fast Trak system on labor saving alone makes a huge difference ”
Jim Drummond, Pipe Fitter / General Foreman

The contractor, The Egan Company, was faced with the challenge of installing VRF systems and freshwater piping. They did not want to use cables, which made the Fast Trak® system the perfect alternative.They were looking for a solution that was both aesthetically pleasing and cost effective.
Prior to this job, the contractor had used Gripple for suspending HVAC and Electrical services. However, this was their first experience using Gripple to suspend Piping. They found that not only were the products easy to install but also very advantageous when it came to labor savings.The Fast Trak system was a quicker alternative than installing with threaded rod and clamps, cutting installation time down by 176 hours. The Egan Company was installing 60,000 ft of refrigeration piping and used Gripple’s Fast Trak system for all of it. It was very easy to use versus the alternative installation method, which involved of dealing with a handful of hardware.

  Gripple Solution Traditional Method
Overview Fast Trak Rod & Strut 
Material Cost  $4,332 $3,132
Installation time  88 hours 264 hours
Labor rate  $75/hour $75/hr
Total labor cost $6,600 $19,800
TOTAL COST  $10,932 $22,932
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  • A range of support services at every stage of your project, provided by our technical team