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Want To Reduce Steel Costs Without Sacrificing Performance?

Lightweight Solar Bracing Kits


Our new lightweight wire rope bracing kits can use just 7% of the steel compared with traditional steel bracing and have been tried and tested in demanding seismic, civil and blast protection applications.

Comparable real world bracing performance to heavy steel box section, strut or angle iron bracing, with a max load of 17.2kN.  

Reduce your steel costs by switching to wire rope bracing kits, removing up to 93% of the steel used compared with heavy steel cross braces.

Our kits contain as little as 14% of the embodied carbon compared with some heavy steel bracing.

Manufactured in house in the UK and USA and supplied globally via our 15 worldwide locations in Europe, USA, Asia and Oceania.

Contractors love how fast and easy our kits are to install. What’s more by using wire bracing, installers have greater tolerance where posts may be misaligned or misplaced.

Request A Sample Kit


Give It A Try… Request a Sample and Install Our Bracing Kits Yourself On Your Own Frame. 

Just click the link and fill in your shipping details and current frame information.

Our solar technical team will then send you a Gripple Bracing Kit to try in the right size for your system. 


Request a Sample - Solar Bracing Kits

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