Fast Trak®

Wouldn’t you like to make your suspension installations easier, faster and safer? That’s why our engineers have designed and developed Fast Trak, a new prefabricated channel system that will change the way you install suspended services!

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Improved Versatility

Fast Trak now features a four-sided bracket as standard, offering a suspension point on every face and improving the versatility of the solution to suit multi-tiered services in any orientation. The bracket is compatible with standard channel products and accessories, as well as Gripple’s QT solutions, giving a broader range of installation options when using Fast Trak to suspend M&E services.



Faster Installation

Redesigned latch offers a uniform method of securing brackets to tracks in any orientation, simplifying the installation and allowing for quicker adjustments.

The speed in which the bracket is secured to the tracks, combined with the speed of fitting accessories onto the bracket, has further improved the system’s time saving simplicity.

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Zero waste

Once services are installed, tracks can be bent so they fit neatly under the bracket, or alternatively, excess can be snapped by hand, removing the need for cutting or filing, minimizing waste and delivering a tidy finish.

Fast Trak pre-fabricated tracks and bracket’s come organised in easy-to-handle packaging, reducing  the time spent sorting materials on site.  

Effortlessly measure, adjust and improve your site safety

The cartridge at the end of each Fast Trak bracket allows you to attach and adjust the bracket along your tracks tool free. M4 level markers on the tracks highlight 50 mm increments, so no levelling tools are required. And, no more nuts to adjust!

Less tools, less hot work permits and less time spent working at height. Fast Trak’s simple installation method improves your on-site safety.  

Discover Fast Trak For Yourself

Our pre-fabricated channel system Fast Trak will change the way you install M&E services forever! 

But don’t just take our word for it! Request one of our FREE SAMPLES to get your hands on the latest Fast Trak system give it a try for yourself. 


Sample Kit Includes: 

-        2 x 300 mm Tracks

-        1 x 270 mm Fast Trak Bracket

-        Fast Trak Branded Carry Case