GP Fix

GP Fix is the latest vineyard trellising innovation from Gripple, designed to provide a quick, simple and professional solution when repairing broken trellis wires.

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Key Benefits 


Speed and ease of use

  • The two piece design allows the repairer to add secure gripping points at either side of the broken wire; the pieces are then simply pulled together and the snap fit mechanism provides a quick and easy join  
  • The design allows for additional reach, improving the chances of being able to repair the wire by hand, and removing the need for additional wire and straining equipment
  • Can be released with a Gripple Flag Key, allowing the installer to remove if the wire can’t be repaired or more wire needs to be trimmed
  • No tools or machinery required to install




Tidier Repair

  • Designed specifically for viticulture applications, GP Fix has a long, smooth profile with no protruding wires, meaning it’s less likely to be caught by people or machinery in the future, thus removing the risk of injuries on potentially sharp tail wires, and delivering a professional finish in the vineyard.


Discreet Design

  • The product is only 17 mm wide and has a smooth profile with fewer catch points to reduce the likelihood of damage from machinery


  • A one size solution to suit almost all commonly used trellis wires; accepts wire diameters from 1.8 – 3.2 mm     
  • Two sizes of torpedo wire splices are typically required to cover this range of wire diameter
  • max load rating of 400 kg means its suitable for use with Gripple Plus Medium and GP1 when re-tensioning wires at end posts


Market Leading Technology

  • GP Fix features corrosion resistant zinc alloy and ceramic rollers used across the Gripple Plus range to deliver trusted, long lasting repairs


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