Riverside Works

Riverside Works sits proudly on the bank of the River Don and is responsible for:

  • Automated assembly of wire joiners and tensioners
  • Production of 100+ varieties of Gripple products
  • Tensioning tool manufacture

Riverside Works

Carbrook Street
S9 2JE

Discover Riverside Works – Sheffield’s "industrial cathedral”  

At Gripple, our Riverside Works production site is home to 144 employee shareholders and is responsible for the assembly of over 70 million Gripple units per year.

The site, which has been named Sheffield’s “industrial cathedral” based on its colourful stained-glass windows, underwent an extensive extension and refurbishment in 2017. This included a significant investment in environmental measures including 337 solar panels and an advanced river heat pump system.

Production & Technology On Site:

To maximise production efficiencies and capacity we have invested in a range of state-of-the-art technology including Gripple Automation machines at our Riverside Works facility. Technology on site includes:

  • Fully automated assembly machines produced by Gripple Automation
  • Laser marking of parts
  • Probes/vision systems


Products Produced On Site Include: 

Wire Joiners & Tensioners

100+ Varieties of Gripple Wire Joiners and Tensioners

Production Capacity: 

Over 100 million units per year

Wire Joiners

Tensioning Tools

Enable low effort tensioning of wire fences and trellising.

Torq Tool

Environmental Measures In Place:

At Gripple, maximising sustainability and reducing our environmental impact are very important and was front of mind during the expansion and re-development of this site. Riverside Works now includes:

  • BREEAM Good
  • 337 solar panels
  • 4 electric vehicle chargers installed
  • 100% LED lighting
  • Rain water collection system

Quality Measures In Place:

Advanced quality measures are in place at our Riverside Works to ensure maximum quality and production efficiency:

  • Vision checking system and sensors controlling each step of the assembly process
  • Quality batch testing/pull tests
  • Weight counters