Norfolk Bridge Works

Our state of the art, BREEAM Excellent Norfolk Bridge Works is home to:

  • Fast Trak manufacturing & metal forming
  • UK Sales and Marketing
  • Technical Services
  • Production & Quality



Norfolk Bridge Works

11 Leveson Street
S4 7ER

Discover Norfolk Bridge Works – Our dedicated Fast Trak manufacturing site

Our Norfolk Bridge Works manufacturing site opened it’s doors in 2021. This cutting edge site operates as our dedicated manufacturing facility for Gripple Fast Trak trapeze brackets and is capable of producing over 300,000 meters of bracket and track per year.

A significant investment has been made in the sustainability of this modern site which has been awarded BREEAM Excellent and features 442 solar panels, a green living wall as well as a Smart Building Management System.

Production & Technology on Site:

We are always seeking to maximise manufacturing efficiencies at Gripple which is why we have invested in a range of state-of-the-art production equipment at our new Norfolk Bridge site including:

  • Dedicated roll form machines
  • Trumpf punch machines
  • High speed automated assembly
  • Wire formers
  • Press machine


Products Produced On Site Include:

Fast Trak® Range:

Pre-fabricated adjustable trapeze bracket developed to increase install efficiencies.

Production Capacity:

Over 300,000 metres of bracket and track per year




Fast Trak - Standard

Terra-Lock® Pin Range:

Ground anchor pins designed for turf reinforcement and erosion control.

Production Capacity:

Over 6 million Terra-Lock Pins per year



Terra Pin 2


Cable basket / tray hanging solution


G Bracket

Toggle Plates

Fastener for roof cladding and other cavities.


Environmental Measures In Place:

Sustainability and environmental impact are always at the forefront of our thinking at Gripple. These two factors have been pivotal in the design and construction of our Norfolk Bridge site which includes:

  • BREEAM Excellent
  • 442 solar panels
  • Smart energy/Building management system installed including auto dimming lights and temperature control system 
  • 100% LED lighting
  • Living green wall installed
  • 6 electric vehicle chargers installed

Quality Measures In Place:

Ensuring excellent manufacturing and product quality is at the forefront of our production process. See our quality measures listed below:

  • Material measurements prior to manufacture
  • Post manufacture gauge and measurement verification
  • Fast Trak Engine assembly - 100% inspection via probe and camera system
  • Destruction tests for Toggle-Plate component manufacture