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In Civil Engineering, Gripple offered Terra-Lock, an ideal solution for stabilising slopes and controlling erosion

Gripple's Terra-Lock system is a must-have for civil engineering projects. Its innovative features, combined with its stability and reliability, have led to its adoption around the world.

Gripple's Terra-Lock range is a must-have for any civil engineering project. It's a solution that's proven to be the most reliable, economical and innovative in an industry that's been looking for a solution that meets the challenges of the job.

Terra-Lock can be used for erosion control and slope stability, for anchoring geomembranes and for photovoltaic installations. A system developed by Gripple engineers that offers strength, stability, speed of installation and aesthetics.

Ecological and sustainable structures

Used on numerous construction sites around the world, Terra-Lock is an innovative geotechnical engineering solution for creating ecological and sustainable structures. Indeed, the system has been designed to allow vegetation to grow back, presenting an aesthetically pleasing finish to the installation.

Terra-Lock can be used as a replacement or even as a complement to traditional methods of soil reinforcement and stabilisation. It can be adapted to various types of building sites:

  • Stripped slopes
  • Stability of gentle slopes
  • Talus
  • Channels
  • Berges
  • Lakes and retention basins
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The Terra-Lock® TL-606™ is ideal for high performance security of soil stabilising geotextiles whilst aiding vegetation growth.

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