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Gripple's Terra-Lock was used on an SNCF site to stabilise a slope near a railway line.

Following a landslide, the SNCF turned to Gripple to stabilise an embankment using Terra-Lock. A quick and cost-effective alternative to traditional methods.


The SNCF contacted Gripple for assistance civil engineering project. Following a landslide due to heavy rainfall, the French railway network was looking for a system to stabilise sloping ground along a railway line at Port-de-Bouc (Bouches-du-Rhône).

The request was for a solution to be installed on a permanent basis to stabilise the slope. A reliable solution, above all, to avoid any landslide on the railway track.


Our answer was based on the Terra-Lock solution. After obtaining a soil survey from SNCF staff, our design office confirmed the suitability of Gripple's Terra-Lock in this situation.

Two types of Terra-Lock were used on this site. Firstly, Terra-Lock 606, which is specially designed to provide strong and durable attachment of the geotextiles used for stabilisation. The installation was consolidated with the installation of Terra-Lock 100, which controls soil erosion and reinforces the slopes while promoting the regrowth of vegetation.

"On this type of site, traditionally, we would have opted for 25-diameter anchoring systems with drills. Other solutions would have been possible, but they would have been more expensive and would have taken longer to put in place. The Terra-Lock was the perfect solution. It is a solution that is being used more and more often, especially for temporary support." - Stéphane Godest, Traforex.
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The Terra-Lock® TL-606™ is ideal for high performance security of soil stabilising geotextiles whilst aiding vegetation growth.

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