Made in Europe, Gripple suspension systems provide reliability and safety for technicians on the job site

Reliability, safety and ease of installation have always been the keywords for the manufacture of our suspension systems. Even more true today, when the requirement will be tenfold, we will rely on the guarantee of our 100% European manufacturing.

After several weeks at a standstill due to the Covid-19 epidemic, the worksites are restarting in full compliance with health and safety standards. In the same way, barrier gestures and maintaining distances between employees will be duly respected in our plants in Europe, in order to design and implement our solutions without danger.

Gripple is working hard to minimise delays caused by site shutdowns.  Our bespoke manufacturing solutions, using the latest robotics and automation technology, enable us to create products that can be installed very quickly. In addition, thanks to our responsive logistics service, we are committed to providing our customers with quality support as projects resume.

Compliance with European standards

Gripple kits are prefabricated solutions that are not only quicker to install, but also require no prior cutting or filing work. The manufacturing process, divided into 3 sections (wire gain unit, melting unit and drive unit), is devised by highly skilled product design engineers and carried out entirely in Europe. Thanks to this totally controlled manufacturing process, we guarantee short delivery times to meet demand with reactivity. Our products are in stock and ready to be installed to fit our customers' projects!

As the origin of the products will be scrutinised and will undoubtedly become a selection criterion on some sites, Gripple products guarantee seamless traceability. All our suspension systems are designed in Europe, by qualified technicians trained to European standards of quality, safety and strength. We'll be, more than ever, intransigent on these points. We remain faithful to the model that has been in place for so many years, aiming to rely on the skills of our teams based in Europe to bring you the best solutions. All of these assurances are guaranteed to reconcile time and cost savings on each project, while promoting the European economy.

For more information, please contact your regional sales manager.

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