Why choose GPAK Plus to anchor wooden or metal vineyard end post?

The GPAK Plus M or W kits, for anchoring posts, presents a solution with many advantages. This solution from Gripple confirms our understanding of the needs of the agricultural industry.

It's a long and beautiful love affair between Gripple and the agricultural sector. Through innovation, reliability and loyalty, this mutual trust has grown stronger with each passing year. GPAK Plus is one of those products that has strengthened the relationship between the leading player and users.

A complete and ready-to-use kit, the GPAK Plus is designed for the anchoring of metal posts or the bracing of wooden and concrete posts. They can support a working load of up to 400kg, are robust, adjustable and unlockable.

The GPAK Plus M kit consists of a length of wire rope with a crimped loop, a Gripple tensioner, a slider and two shear protection fittings, which provide triple shear protection. The Plus W version of the GPAK Kit contains a pre-cut, fused length of wire rope, a Gripple tensioner, a wire thimble and a twister to keep the tail wire neat and tidy.

Opting for the GPAK for arboriculture, viticulture or fencing work means choosing reliability and durability. Among the advantages are the following:

  • Adjustable and unlockable solutions
  • Two guying points for equal load distribution
  • Easy to repeat from year to year
  • Zinc aluminium cable for optimum corrosion resistance
  • Clean and professional finish

With the GPAK Plus M or W, Gripple offers yet another great show of love to all professionals in the agricultural sector.

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