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Gripple on the electricians' side

Faster, safer and... more cost-effective. For an electrician, this equation often looks like an unsolvable puzzle. Gripple has the answers, and offers the ideal solutions to bounce back from the halt in construction caused by the COVID-19 crisis.

As a specialist in suspension systems, Gripple supports electricians looking to expand into new markets and grow their business. Whether it's laying cable trays, securing lighting fixtures or relamping stores, we have solutions to improve the performance of all electricians.

Installing cable trays: the Fast Trak

Fast Trak is certainly the invention that best suits the specific needs of electricians. It is a ready-to-install support solution that adapts to most worksite configurations. The installation of cable trays has never been easier to undertake.

Already popular with many professionals who've tested it in real-life conditions, Gripple Fast Trak can cut installation time in half! It's quick to install, and looks great too, because it's designed to blend in with its surroundings. Available in Universal, Low Profile and Side Loading versions, it's become a loyal ally of electricians working in the construction industry.

Available with plenty of accessories, such as J-Hooks or VDP, Fast Trak meets all technical constraints (fallout, weight, spacing, ...). Quite simply an essential!

Learn more about Gripple's Fast Trak

Securing Lighting

Securing luminaires, emergency units or loudspeakers is a major challenge for any electrician who cares about a job well done. The demands of this challenge is sometimes complex to meet depending on the surface on which these elements are to be installed or suspended.

Gripple nailing meets these challenges. On new concrete, Gripple nailing is the quickest solution, halving installation time and providing a high degree of security! What's more, it's ready-to-install and easy to adjust, allowing you to work the floor in complete safety.

Gripple's teams are on hand to assist electricians with the installation of this nail. And you can test it on your site to determine the perfect match between nail length, load and adjustment on your machine.

Finally, confident in our solution, we give you the benefit of the nailing guarantee so that you can be confident about the effectiveness of this choice proving to be a winner for you!

Relamping shop

Supermarkets and retailers are facing new challenges in the coming times. Serving their customers’ needs quickly, while at the same time adapting their sales areas to meet new standards. Faced with this challenge, electricians must be able to respond quickly and efficiently.

Gripple is your partner in fulfilling this mission, and reassuring your customers that you're doing the job right. Our Catenary kit (CTI) will enable you to service your sites in a far shorter time.  The CTI offers the possibility to install a primary horizontal span across the store before simply hanging the lighting elements afterwards.

Gripple's Catenary Kit is recognised as the fastest installation solution on the market. It is also praised for its discreet, aesthetic appeal.

The Gripple team will work with you to complete this type of project on schedule. Whether it's a site visit or a design study, Gripple technicians are used to dealing with all types of project, providing valuable insight and support.

Learn more about Gripple's Catenary Kit.

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