How to facilitate anchoring of the end posts using APEX anchors

Designed for wine-growers, APEX anchors are a system of fixed anchoring points below the ground to enable anchoring of end posts. This solution extends the life of the vineyard.

How to extend the life of vineyard scaffolding? Vine growers are regularly confronted with this problem, which seriously affects the size of the harvest, as the growth of the vines is influenced by the scaffolding on which they are spread. How can you increase yield and profit from the vineyard without unnecessarily interfering with nature?

Gripple’s engineers have discussed the matter and developed APEX, the anchors that are fixed under the ground surface. The anchor makes it possible to fix end posts and ensures long life of the vineyard. APEX anchor is a solution aimed at farmers, and more particularly wine-growers, who are keen to find new solutions to be applied in crop farming.

APEX anchor is designed for easy driving and high load bearing capacity. Quickly installed, it adapts to a multitude of soil types and environments. And this, in fact, was a key consideration for Gripple engineers when developing the solution. The goal of minimizing environmental impact with APEX anchors has been fully achieved.

Three types of tendons were used to ensure maximum corrosion resistance: galvanised steel wire rope, galvanised steel rod tendon and polyester fibre tendon.

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