Warehouse store, Marburg, Germany

During the construction of a warehouse store in Marburg, Germany, ventilation ducts were fixed using Gripple’s time-saving suspension and fastening systems. This not only reduced the overall installation time by 75%, but also resulted in an overall cost saving of around 26%.

“We needed only about a quarter of the time for assembly compared to conventional systems. Aligning the ducts is much faster and easier for colleagues!”
- Project manager -
  • Building type: Warehouse store
  • Building structure: Cladding roof
  • Type of installation: Ventilation ducts

During the construction of a warehouse store in Marburg, ventilation ducts were attached to a cladding roof using the UniGrip – Central Exit and the Toggle End Fixing. The distance from the ceiling was 3 meters, making the use of wire rope more efficient, as no threaded rods with sleeves had to be extended.

Gripple products offer a significant advantage thanks to the simple, fast assembly and adjustment. The work process is not only much easier, but also significantly more flexible and faster. In addition, the entire preparation time for the threaded rod was eliminated and the channels could be adjusted easily thanks to the tool-free adjustment of the UniGrip - Central Exit.

This project ultimately achieved a total time saving of 33 hours, representing 75% of the total installation time, resulting in significant savings in labor costs. Thus, the total cost of the project was reduced by 26%.

Tags: Building Services, Corporate, Events

  Gripple Solution Traditional method
Overview UniGrip - Central Exit with Toggle End Fixing Threaded rod M8, Channel nut M8 x 35 mm, Nut M8, Washer
and Roofing sheet hanger
Material cost 883,40€ 333,00 €
Installation time 11 hours 44 hours
Labour rate (per hour) 30 € 30 €
Total labour cost 330 € 1 320 €
Total cost 1216,40 € 1653,00 €


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