Sports Complex, Saint-Chamas

A company, competent in heating and plumbing, has installed 109 CTI3 and 220 HF Express No.1, to allow the suspension of radiant panels, over a surface area of 3,300 m². The maximum drop length was 800 mm. Thanks to the system’s speed and minimal labour required, labour costs and working time were 3 times faster.

“We were not familiar with this horizontal suspension system. The easy and fast use of CTI and HF Express No.1 made the installation time, 3 times faster than a traditional method. Moreover, Gripple has worked on technical schema. The schemes have made the installation work much easier for us. We were pleasantly surprised!” - Project Manager -
  • Building type: Sports Complex
  • Place: Saint-Chamas
  • Building structure: Wood Beams
  • Product suspended: Radiant Panels

The town of Saint-Chamas, in the Bouches-du-Rhône in France, is finalising construction site for the new sports complex. The heating, air-conditioning and plumbing professional was on site to install radiant panels over an area of 3,300 m2. In order to complete the project on time, the company decided to use Gripple suspension solutions.

The sports complex was fitted with 109 CTI3, combined with 220 HF Express No.1, to replace the traditional rails, threaded rods, nuts and washers, which were much more difficult to install. Gripple solutions are renowned for their speed and ease of installation. In the case of this project, the installation company was able to save € 3,080 and 2 weeks of work with 3 times faster installation time.

In addition, in order to facilitate the installation of the products, Gripple had provided a technical schema.
Once the scheme was ready, all the installers could start the products implementation following the Gripple instruction step by step.

Gripple’s suspension solutions make installation fast and easy, while minimising the dangers of working at height. CTI kit creates secure, overhead spans by running high strength wire rope between two fixing points. Ideal for applications where no direct vertical anchor point is available. In the case of the Saint-Chamas construction site, the CTI replaced the rails, whose installation is constraining because of the heavy weight of materials and the intense and tiring working time
required at height.

Combined with vertical suspension, the HF Express No.1 was able to replace the threaded rod, nuts and washers. The HF Express No.1 is ideal for radiant panels suspensions and is 6 times faster to install than a traditional method. Both the CTI  and the HF Express No.1 can be adjusted. The discreet and
aesthetic design of both products are highly appreciated.

Finally, the installation company praised the efficiency of Gripple’s products, which enabled them to meet the deadline; they were pleasantly surprised by the solutions, whom they don’t know the existence, and delighted with the savings.

Tags: Building Services

  Gripple Solution Traditional Method
Overview 109 CTI3 + 220 HF Express No.1 Rails, threaded rods, nuts and washers
Material cost € 2,800 € 1,899
Installation time 56 hours 144 hours
Labour rate (per hour) € 35 € 35
Total labour cost € 1,960 € 5,040
Total cost € 4,760 € 6,939

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