Market hall, Heiligenhaus, Germany

During the construction of a market hall in Heiligenhaus (Germany), several applications of different services were suspended with Gripple’s time-saving suspension and fastening systems. This shortened the total installation time for the various trades by nearly three weeks and at the same time enabled a cost saving of around € 4,000.


Time Savings

15 000 €

Labour Savings

3 939 €

Total Savings
  • Building type: Market Hall
  • Building structure: Cladding Roof and Concrete Ceiling
  • Type of installation: Ducts, Cable trays, Heating, Cooling, and Drinking water


Different services call for different requirements - Gripple has a suitable solution for all requirements on a construction site, saving the installer time and therefore costs.

The cable trays were installed using a traditonal strut. However, this was not suspended with threaded rod as usual, but with the Gripple UniGrip – Central Exit. The cable trays had to be fixed to a cladding roof as well as to a concrete ceiling. Gripple suspension systems are delivered to site as ready-to-use kits with the appropriate ceiling-side end fixing, ready for immediate use. In this case, the customer chose the M8 Stud end fixing for the concrete ceiling and the Cladding Hook for the cladding roof.

The installer for HVAC applications was able to completely eliminate the use of conventional struts. The Gripple TPZGR is installed directly to the rectangular ventilation duct itself on both sides. This eliminates the need for transport, storage and cutting of the struts on site. Again, the ducts were suspended to various substrates and Gripple supplied matching ceiling-side end fixings with the ready-to-use kits in each case.

For suspending the drinking water pipes, the Gripple (L)PB Set was used. In this case, the strut is fixed directly to the concrete. Universal Pipe Clamps are very easily and quickly mounted on the prefabricated rail. The advantage of the Universal Pipe Clamp is its multifunctionality, because the clamp can be used quite flexibly for any pipe diameter. The PB Set can be quickly and easily suspended from the ceiling with the UniGrip – Central Exit, and was also used for the suspension of drinking water pipes.

The innovative UniGrip – Y-Pipe was used for suspending the heating and cooling pipes. The main advantage of this product is that it has only one fixing point on the ceiling and can fasten two pipes at the same time. The UniGrip – Y-Pipe is available both with and without a pre-assembled Universal Pipe Clamp. With both variants, the installer benefits from fast installation. Furthermore, the PB Set, which was already used for the drinking water pipes, was used for the installation of the cooling pipes. Gripple also supplied appropriate insulation (CRUFLEX) for all cooling pipes.




“Thanks to ready-to-use kits with appropriate ceiling-side endings for both concrete and the cladding roof, we were able to suspend the cable trays quickly and without any problems.”

- Electrician -



  Gripple Solution Traditional method
Material cost 6 350 € 2 000 €
Installation time 30,5 hours 132,17 hours
Labour rate (per hour) 45 € 45 €
Total labour cost 1 372,50 € 5 947,65 €
Total cost 7 722,50 € 7 947,65 €






“This method of suspension completely eliminates the use of struts. We were able to clearly save on purchasing, storing and transporting struts.”

- Ventilation installer -     



  Gripple Solution Traditional method
Material cost 3 000 € 1 592 €
Installation time 21,9 hours 65,8 hours
Labour cost (per hour) 45 € 45 €
Total labour cost 985,50 € 2 961 €
Total cost 3 985,50 € 4 553 €





Solution Gripple Traditional
Material cost 2 023 € 1 523 €
Installation time  26,18 hours 65,03 hours
Labour rate (per hour) 45 € 45 €
Total labour cost 1 178,10 € 2 926,35 €
Total cost 3 201,10 € 4 449,35 €




Solution Gripple Traditional
Material cost 6 025 € 2 046 €
Installation time  37,48 hours 134,03 hours
Labour rate (per hour) 45 € 45 €
Total labour cost 1 686,60 € 6 031,35 €
Total cost 7 711,60 € 8 077,35 €




Solution Gripple Traditional
Material cost 2 831 € 2 005 €
Installation time  18,33 hours 70,73 hours
Labour rate (per hour) 45 € 45 €
Total labour cost 825,85 € 3 182,85 €
Total cost 3 655,85 € 5 187,85 €



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