Grand Frais Shop, Seclin

An electrical installation and maintenance specialist has installed 53 CTI6, horizontal suspension systems, combined with 300 Angel GT, vertical suspension systems, over an area of 2,250 m2. These Gripple products has enabled the suspension of the Global Trac Pro Tracks required for the lighting. Thanks to the system’s speed and minimal labour required, labour costs were 3 times less expensive and working time were 3 times faster.

“In order to enable the primers to be installed on the Global Trac Pro tracks in the best possible conditions, Gripple made a technical schema and provided installation drawings. Furthermore, Gripple products were quick to install and easy-to-use. Those solutions replaced traditional and restrictive solutions with tracks, threaded rods, nuts and washers. Thanks to Gripple, the project was kept on schedule, despite the delay caused by the lockdown.” - Installer -
  • Building type: Shop
  • Place: Seclin
  • Building structure: Wood Beams
  • Product suspended: Rails Global Trac Pro

The Grand Frais brand has set up shop in Seclin, near Lille (Nord) with a brand new 2,250 m2 shop. A company specialising in electrical installation and maintenance was called in to install the lighting in this building. The installer called in Gripple, whose reputation for suspension systems is well established. Gripple has provided a fast and easy-to-use solution for hanging Global Trac Pro tracks, using a combination of two products: 53 CTI6 and 300 Angel GT. This combination has enabled the project to meet the deadline, despite a three-month lockdown and site shutdown.

Suspension solutions by Gripple make installation fast and easy, while minimising the risk of falls when working at height. The CTI solution is a horizontal suspension solution that connects two points. CTI creates a new, stable and safe structure. In the case of the Grand Frais site, the CTI replaced the tracks, whose
installation requires more working time at height and therefore a higher risk of falls. The Angel GT, for its part, is perfectly adapted to the lighting application. With its attractive design, this new Gripple product is easy to clip onto the lighting track. Simple and effective are the watchwords.

Finally, the installer was highly pleased by Gripple’s professionalism, as well as the efficiency and speed of installation. In order to ensure that the installation went as smoothly as possible, Gripple offered to do a technical schema and drew up an installation plan for its products. The use of CTI and the Angel GT not only saved considerable time, but also reduced labour costs.

To conclude, the installation time was divided by 3. A traditional solution requires more than three weeks of work, unlike the Gripple solution allowed the lighting to be installed in just a week. The cost of installation was also divided by 3, resulting in a saving of € 2,500. The installation company was able to save money
while still meeting their deadline, which is something the client was delighted with.

Tags: Building Services

  Gripple Solution Traditional Method
Overview 53 CTI6 + 300 Angel GT Tracks, threaded rods, nuts and washers
Material cost € 5,221 € 3,500
Installation time 48 hours 126 hours
Labour rate (per hour) € 35 € 35
Total labour cost € 1,680 € 4,410
Total cost € 6,901 € 7,910

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