Decathlon Store, Manosque

A company has installed 23 CTI6, a product for horizontal suspension, combined with 144 UniGrip – Y-Fit, a product for vertical suspension, associated with 270 G-Brackets, the standard accessory. The Gripple solutions enabled cable baskets to be suspended over an area of 2,000 m2. Thanks to the system’s speed and minimal labour required, labour costs and installation time were divided by 5.

“We are delighted by Gripple solutions! The time savings are incredible. The products are quick and easy to install. The Gripple suspension systems are flexible and can be easily adjusted.” - Project Manager -
  • Building type: Store
  • Place: Manosque
  • Building structure: Beams
  • Product suspended: Cables Baskets

Decathlon Group has set up a brand new 2,000 m2 shop in Manosque, near the Luberon Regional Natural Park. An installation company, specialising in electrical maintenance, worked on this site to install cable baskets. The company called on Gripple’s expertise to provide a simple and effective solution.

To meet this demand, Gripple offered a combination of two innovatives products and a key accessory for this type of application: CTI6, UniGrip – Y-Fit and G-Bracket. The installer installed 23 CTI6, 144 UniGrip – Y-Fit and 270 G-Brackets throughout the shop.

The two hangers and the Gripple accessory are well known to installers for their ease and speed of installation, and they are also the perfect choice for quick and easy cable trays suspensions: easy to install, reducing the time labour at height and the risk of falling.

The CTI solution is a horizontal suspension solution that connects 2 points while creating a new stable and safe structure. On this horizontal supsension, a vertical suspension was combined to suspend the cable baskets; the UniGrip – Y-Fit is the vertical suspension. The UniGrip – Y-Fit is very quick to install, its dual fixing points allows a better balance of the cable baskets. This product has an integral ergonomically designed release button allowing for simple adjustment. The G-bracket is the perfect accessory to combine with the UniGrip – Y-Fit. Its light weight makes installation just as easy.

It is this ease and speed of installation that saved the installer time and € 3,960 on the installation of the materials. Gripple solutions were 5 times faster to implement than a traditional solution. The installer needed just 24 hours to complete the installation with just 2 references of Gripple products, as opposed to the traditional method where it would have taken 3 weeks to install. This speed enabled the installer to meet the deadline, while saving time and money.

The Project Manager was pleasantly surprised by this undeniable time saving, and is delighted with the Gripple solutions.

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  Gripple Solution Traditional Method
Overview 144 UniGrip – Y-Fit + 270 Étriers G + 23 CTI6 Tracks, threaded rods, nuts and washers
Material cost € 7,429 € 4,340
Installation time 24 hours 112 hours
Labour rate (per hour) € 45 € 45
Total labour cost € 1,080 € 5,040
Total cost € 8,509 € 9,380

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