RCEA Highway

In order to install a membrane on drainage ditches near Mâcon, our customer used the Liner‑Lock. On this particular site, it was impossible to dig a standard anchoring trench, but the solution offered by Gripple allowed them to anchor right next to the road.

Liner-Lock is a perfect solution to renovate a drainage ditch without having to do any earthwork.
  • Project : Drainage ditches
  • Location : Mâcon, France
  • Services : Membrane anchoring

Near the city of Mâcon, our customer had a project to install 3 open air drainage ditches next to the RCEA highway (Route Centre-Europe Atlantique). However, due to the proximity of the existing highway, it was not possible to dig the usual anchoring trench with heavy earth moving equipment.

After the inital visit by a Gripple representative, the project was passed on to our internal ingeneering office for assessment. The resulting study included technical data sheets, certifications and technical recommendation, and was approved by the DREAL, the public service
responsible for road infrastructure.

Gripple’s solution was based on an innovative product: the Liner-Lock. This two part system is fixed around the membrane, ensuring a tight seal and reducing the need for welds, trenching and sand bags. Used with Gripple Anchors TL-A3 or TL-A4, the Liner-Lock effectively locks into the substrate, providing resistance to external forces, increasing slope stability.

Installation teams were trained on-site by the Gripple representative, and in three days, the company installed 521 Liner-Locks accross the three basins: a time and money saving solution.
The customer was especially happy with the technical study made by Gripple internal engineering office, the support and on-site training as well as the quick installation.

Tags: Civil Construction

  Gripple solution Traditional method
Overview Anchoring : GPD and JackJaw® Could not be done
Material costs 3 400 € Could not be done
Installation time 3 days Could not be done
Total weight of the solution 268 kg -

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