Railway Bank - Premeaux-Prissey, France

Our Terra-Lock solution was used for the stabilisation of a few sliding layers alongside a railway line passing through vineyards in the East of France. Initially, a budget was set for a draining geotextile solution. Thanks to the Terra-Lock solution, the installer halved the budgeted amount and carried out his work faster, without disturbing the railway traffic.

The open head design of the TL-406 and the G-MAT C550, made with coconut fiber from the Terra-Lock solution will allow vegetation regrowth and restore the slope to its natural appearance.
  • Project : Railway bank
  • Location : Premeaux-Prissey, France
  • Services : Slope reinforcement after a few sliding layers

In the wine-growing region of Burgundy, East of France, a train line connects the cities of Dijon and Châlon sur Saône. The railway passes through a beautiful landscape made of vines and villages. After heavy rains, some sliding layers of soil had detached from the slope, jeopardising the train traffic.

Initially, SNCF (the national railway company) had planned to use a draining geotextile to repair the slope. However, its installation would have required the railway to be shut down for 2 weeks because of the construction machines working on the rails. Another solution would have been to do nighttime work.

Rather than blocking the whole line, our customer offered to use our Terra-Lock System, with its TL-406 anchoring kit, that can be installed on the slope with a hand held post driver (GPD).

To accompany the Terra-Lock system, our internal engineering office suggested the use of the G-MAT C550 erosion control matting. Made of coconut fiber, it is the
ideal solution for this project given its long-lasting, and environmentally friendly construction. This will allow for vegetation regrowth and restore the slope to its natural appearance in this particular landscape.

The installer enjoyed a more cost-effective, faster solution, that did not disturb the local landscape or the scheduled transport.

Tags: Civil Construction

  Gripple solution Traditional method
Overview 450 TL-406 with TL-A4
19 G-MATC550 rolls of 30 m²
Drive Tool, GPD and JackJaw
Draining geotextile, heavy machinery
Installation time 10 days - day-time work 2 weeks - mandatory night-time work
Total cost 75 000 € 120 000 €

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