Supermarket, Heilbronn, Germany

During the construction of a supermarket hall near Heilbronn, cable trays were suspended from a cladding roof with a drop length of 5 m. Using Gripple’s G-Profile in combination with the UniGrip - Central Exit ensured that the cables could be inserted from the side and did not need to be threaded around threaded rods.

“Throughout the project, Gripple provided us with excellent advice. The G-Bracket, combined with the ready-to-use suspension kit, is an extremely advantageous system. The result is impressive.”
- Project Manager -
  • Building type: Market Hall
  • Building structure: Cladding Roof
  • Type of installation: Cable Trays

To suspend cable trays on a cladding roof, the Gripple G-Bracket was used in combination with the
UniGrip - Central Exit and the Toggle. The use of the wire rope was particularly beneficial, mainly due to the relatively large drop length of 5 m.

A considerable time saving could be observed, as threaded rods did not have to be extended and more material could be transported with the lifting platform. In total, the Gripple suspension system is installed six times faster than the traditional method, even without the cables being inserted. This huge time saving ultimately leads to a 44% saving on the total cost of the project.

The fact that the cables in the G-Bracket can be inserted from the side, and do not need to be threaded around threaded rods, further reduces the time required for this application.

The use of the G-Bracket does not only create time advantages. The supermarket hall was built in an open construction method and therefore has the requirement of aesthetic high-quality suspension systems for the building services. The suspension of the cable trays with wire rope creates the illusion of floating objects and gives the supermarket an elegant and modern appearance.

Tags: Building Services, Corporate, Events

  Gripple Solution Traditional
Material 100 x G-Bracket; 200 x UniGrip - Central Exit with Toggle end fixing Threaded rods, Sleeves, V-Bracket, Blind rivet nuts,
Washers, Nuts, Brackets
Materialkosten € 1,306 € 865
Installationszeit (Stunden: Vorbereitung + Montage) 8 hours 46 hours
Durchschnittskosten pro Stunde Installationszeit € 45 € 45
Montagekosten (Personalkosten) € 360 € 2,070
Gesamtkosten € 1,665 € 2,935


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