Ice Stadium, Geretsried, Germany

During the construction of an ice stadium, four ventilation pipes with a dimension of more than 1000 mm were suspended along the entire length of the hall. For this purpose, monkey swings were installed with the HF Express, which suspend the two spiral ducts from the ceiling in a an aesthetic way.

“Gripple products are not only installed very easily and quickly, they also saved us a lot of money on this project compared to a conventional installation. In addition, the products are much more suitable for visible areas than comparable products installed with threaded rods.”
- Project Manager -
  • Type of Building: Ice Stadium
  • Building Structure:Wooden roof
  • Service: HVAC

During the construction of an ice stadium in Geretsried, four ventilation pipes were suspended along the entire length of the hall. The challenge was that the distance between the ceilings is not only unusually large - the roof of the hall is also arched, resulting in various ceiling distances of between 3 - 8 m.

For this reason the project manager decided to use the HF Express No. 2 in combination with a 2.5 mm wire rope with two loop ends. Swing constructions were installed from these components, which met the requirements of the building and provided the necessary flexibility.

The customer not only benefited from simple, safe and quick installation - he also highlighted the fact that the products are much more suitable for visible areas than the conventional method with threaded rod. The personal support during the entire project through installation instructions or similar was particularly appreciated by the installers on site.

The project also reflects the exceptional time savings of 75% when using Gripple products in the installation of larger pipe sizes. This means that installers can be deployed more quickly and efficiently for subsequent projects.

Tags: Building Services, Corporate, Events

  Gripple Solution Traditional
Material XP23EC, XP25EC, XP26EC, XP28EC Hanger bolt, Thread connector, Nut
Material costs 2.797,28 € 1.498,50 €
Installation time 12 Stunden 47 Stunden
Labour cost (per hour) 50 € 50 €
Total labour cost  650 € 2.350 €
Total cost 3.447,28 € 3.848,50 €

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