Event hall, Cologne, Germany

In an event hall in Cologne, ventilation ducts with a width of up to 2 m needed to be suspended from the ceiling. Overhead spans were created using the Gripple CTI, from which rail constructions could later be flexibly suspended. For the suspension of ventilation ducts on a concrete ceiling the contractor used Gripple Fast Trak.

“Gripple was able to provide us with a range of different and optimally suited solutions for this project. The CTI allowed us enormous flexibility in combination with the C-Clip. By using Fast Trak we were able to see significant time savings in the installation.”
- Project Manager -
  • Building type: Event hall
  • Building structure: Cladding roof
  • Type of installation: Ventilation ducts

During the transformation of a logistics hall into an event hall in Cologne, the installer was able to use different Gripple products for different requirements of the building.

Gripple CTI was used to create overhead spans within the entire hall. According to the contractor, the quick installation of the wire construction brought several advantages. Not only does the CTI save time during
installation, it also eliminates the risk of accidents on site, as work at height is reduced due to the wire’s flexibility. In addition, the trapezoidal sheet roof would not be strong enough to support the load capacity of the services being installed, which meant that the fitter had to rely on overhead spans between the steel beams.

Since the C-Clip, which is working as the end fixing of the ready-to-use suspension kit, can be flexibly moved on the wire, the installer was able to suspend the heavy ventilation ducts in a simple and uncomplicated way with one-handed adjustment.

It was not just the CTI which provided time saving solutions for the contractor on this project; a ventilation duct with the Gripple Fast Trak - Universal was also suspended below a concrete visitor platform. The installer benefited in particular from the time saving and emphasised the fact that Gripple always has a solution for all requirements of a project.

Tags: Building Services, Corporate, Events

  Gripple solution Traditional method
Overview CTI, C-Clip, UniGrip & Fast Trak with vibration damper C-profile rail, threaded rods and rails in various sizes and lengths
Material cost 4 157 € 4 039 €
Installation time 21,2 hours 42,4 hours
Labour rate (per hour) 40 € 40 €
Total labour cost  848 € 1 697 €
Total cost 5 005 € 5 736 €

Cost result from calculations of both Gripple solutions used in the project, compared with the respective conventional method.

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