Bracing Solutions


  • Strong – protects against active forces such as; strong winds, storms, earthquakes and temperature expansion/contraction, eliminating torsion, tension and compression issues 
  • Lightweight – replaces heavy steelwork framing and several kits can be carried at once 
  • Robust – improves structural integrity and maintains tilt angles by reducing the racking system’s ability to bend, twist and flex, especially in looser soils 
  • Safe –  increased factor of safety, realigns misshapen posts and reduces panel sliding 
  • Versatile – can be utilised on steep slopes and ballast installations due to increased resistance to sliding forces 
  • ‘Green’ – reduced carbon footprint using very little material 

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Anchoring Solutions

  • Undisruptive – the innovative install and ‘flip’ of the PV Anchor means that the ground’s engineering properties can be accessed with minimal disturbance 
  • Strong – replaces concrete ballast, High load ratings enable piles to be driven to a shallower depth and in more soil types with an increased protection against uplift 
  • Lightweight – several kits can be carried at one time making installation and decommissioning much faster 
  • Quick – the speed of install and minimal machinery offer time and labour savings 
  • Versatile – can be used as a retro-fit system as; secondary uplift foundation, repairs for failures and guys for leaning structures 
  • ‘Green’ – Reduced carbon footprint as no heavy machinery, concrete or additional groundwork is required 

Discover Gripple PV Anchoring Solutions

Coming Soon

Cable Routing Systems (CRS)

Gripple’s cable management system is a soon-to-be launched, patented solution which delivers long-term support for all types of cabling in utility scale, ground-mount solar farms. The system can be supplied as either a ‘single-drop’ product or a ‘modular system’ - offering the full versatility required for large installs.

Bifacial Reflector Support

The importance of bifacial to the Solar industry cannot be understated. Whilst there are many fit-for-purpose reflective materials, the current difficulty is securing them to the ground, leading much of the market to lean towards self-weighted options such as sand or pebbles - leading to issues such as increased transportation and difficult handling. Gripple are hoping to solve that issue...